Safety Tips for seniors for Renovation & Remodeling of their Homes

Humans are creatures of habit, comfort and familiarity. For this being the reason, a lot of senior citizens choose to live a secluded life away from their kids and relatives. Owing to their acquaintanceship and memories with the homes, they tend to live in the same place as they age. As an unfortunate consequence, a lot of senior citizens have witnessed falls.

Needless to say, falls are fatal. However, with the availability of bathroom renovation Mississauga services things can be kept under control. According to a survey, 1 out of every 4 Canadians suffers a fall which is life-taking. Understanding the crisis, it is always advisable to implement a few safety measures to stay defended during the renovation of bathroom:

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  • Proper Selection of Tub or Shower

Many fatal accidents happen due to improper selection of tubs and even shower. Generally, a lot of elderly people often misstep or fail to lift their legs from the shower. This is indeed a danger resulting to dreadful accidents.

However, there are ways to fix the issue. For example, a walk-in tubs make a better option. Ergonomically designed, these tubs remove the perils of tripping on the edge of a tub. The stationary shower heads increase the risks of fall. To do away with this risk, it is advisable to opt for hand showers. People can get all these equipment at an affordable price from their selected bathroom renovation Mississauga companies.

  • Consider the Toilet Seat

Toilet seats are another source of trouble for the aged people. Mostly seniors above 65+ years complain about the height of their toilet seats. In such a scenario, people are recommended to elevate the height of the existing seats without installing a new one. Usually, the experts of bathroom renovation Mississauga agencies consider and measure the necessary metrics for reinstallation.

  • Lighting

As people age, the power of their eyes gradually diminish. Therefore, bathroom light is also a pivotal consideration in renovation. The remodeling should be done in such a way that it ensures proper entry of natural light and also illumination of artificial light. Bathrooms which are not well-lit can be risky for the elderlies.

  • Doorknobs

Additionally, people should also consider proper installation of levers in order to get a sturdier grip on the doors. A mere doorknob requires more force which is again an evil factor for people with severe arthritis. Therefore, selecting lever-style knobs are the best bet encompassing safety and convenience.

  • Putting Widen Doorways

Doorways which are narrower than 32-inch require expansion. Those who use wheel-chair to commute will find that narrow doorways are a major problem. Usually, a contractor of any reputable bathroom renovation Mississauga company will replace the existing frame and add insulation to widen doorways. With proper expertise and skill, remodeling of bathroom doors can get completed within a few hours.

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That’s all in a nutshell. For those who are planning to renovate their bathroom in the coming days, consider these points and get in touch with a bathroom renovation Mississauga service to get started.