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The Importance Of Sleeping On A Good Mattress

The mattress is a crucial element if one wishes comfortable sleep.

  • Back support and cushioning – the support role of the mattress is essential for your back as it compensates for the uneven weight distribution of your body. For this, it must be able to reduce the impact of heavy areas and lighter areas to achieve a perfect balance. On average we change position 40 times each night so it’s a challenge for this object to find the right balance for everyone. But if this mission is properly fulfilled your body will naturally find a comfortable position and therefore its well-being. Thus, it is strongly recommended that people with back or joints carefully choose their mattresses. Have a look at Logan and cove review, one of the best options.
  • Anti-stress and relaxing – several observational studies have verified the positive effects of a comfortable mattress in the fight against stress and anxiety. These effects are certainly due to the fact that it improves the quality of sleep and gives a more pleasant beginning that allows you to start your day on the right foot! In short, a new, well-chosen mattress can really improve your overall well-being, whether it’s body pain or your emotions.

logan and cove mattress

The different types of mattresses

  1. Foam Mattress

Being one of the most common on the market, this mattress is often known for its limited comfort although perfectly suitable for some people. To optimize their comfort we advise you to select for the high density ones that will be the most comfortable. There are two types:

  • Polyether foam mattress – it is the least comfortable its density does not exceed 28kg / m3 and its drying is limited, it can be used for occasional uses
  • Polyurethane foam mattress – you will find different foam combinations, their densities up to 60kg / m3. The best will be flexible and will ensure a good maintenance.

logan and cove mattress

  1. Latex mattress

Latex is a natural material derived from rubber. Today this material is also manufactured synthetically and has the same characteristics. However regarding logan and cove mattress, it is better to choose a natural latex constitution (85% minimum) if you have allergic tendencies.

The advantage of these mattresses is that they are often thanks to their perforations; durable and comfortable (better breathing). Indeed, they have comfort zones, which range from 3 to 7, whose goal is to maintain your body on different strategic points. You can choose for those with 5 zones because they are sufficient for a perfect support of the back and a good general behavior.

logan and cove mattress

  1. Memory mattress

This type of logan and cove mattress is made of viscoelastic foam that adjusts to your body shape and temperature. With each movement of the sleeper, the foam returns to its original shape and adjust to the new position for optimal support. Its heat-sensitive technology also makes it ideal for people who sweat. In addition, this model relaxes and relieves muscles and improves circulation. Therefore, it is a reference in terms of comfort but is often very expensive.

  1. Water mattress

Composed of framed water rectangle placed on a platform, these different mattresses are not appreciated by everyone. Although they also adjust well to body shapes and are flexible in terms of firmness (remove / add water suppleness mattress).

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