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Tips When Changing Your Windows

The windows are a key element of our home, on the one hand they allow us to be in relation to the outside, enjoy the surroundings.  That is why we must pay special attention when changing the windows, or choosing them in the case of new construction. One of the main tips for replacing windows is to know the local building rules, as well as the rules imposed by the owners associations before installing the new windows.

oshawa windows

The first thing is to choose the right material

When choosing the Oshawa windows you will have several options. The two most popular choices of windows are aluminum and PVC windows, each with its advantages depending from which viewpoint. Let’s see some comparisons:

  • Thermal isolation

One of the great factors to consider when changing our windows. It is known that aluminum is a good thermal conductor, while PVC is not so much so the latter will be more effective when insulating your home from low temperatures.

  • Acoustic isolation

Isolating yourself from outside noise is very important for a good rest, so this is another point to consider. When it comes to insulating irritating noise, aluminum is not very effective because it is a metallic element, while PVC has sound insulation as one of its great properties.

  • Condensation

PVC prevents condensation, but aluminum needs what is known as a break in the thermal connection that improves the exterior of condensation. Although it does not prevent it, since metal is a very good conductor of temperature

oshawa windows

Types of window

We have multiple options to choose.

  • Practicable opening

It is the classic opening method, widely chosen for its comfort and its thermal and auditory insulation capacity. This type of opening usually has a long service life.

  • Lifting slide

These windows open and close by moving the grass along the frame rails. If you are looking for good lighting, these are best windows. In addition its sliding technique allows its opening in a small space.

Energy efficiency label

This voluntary label offers us several interesting facts when choosing our ideal window. As we see in the image we have essential initial information such as the manufacturer, the registration code and the model. Later we observe two classifications: One of winter and another of summer. In winter we have from green to red, where each color corresponds to a letter from A to G, and in summer, the classification consists of a range of stars. The more stars we have, the more able our window will be in summer and the closer the letter to the A, the more efficient we will have in winter.

Finally, we have the technical data sheet where we can compare the different characteristics, among which is the thermal transmittance of the window, the air permeability, etc.

oshawa windows

Types of Glass

When you install your new windows you will not be worth any type of glass. There are many option are available in market for you.

If you are looking for safety, you can choose the glass will be the SDD STADIP, which combines two or more glasses with polyvinyl butyric sheets, giving our window great strength and elasticity.

Surely you also look for thermal and sound insulation, for which we have a multitude of glasses such as the SGG PLANITHERM 4S, the SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N or the popular CLIMALIT SILENCE.

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