The Advantages of Ready to Assemble or RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Kitchen Cabinets are preferred to traditional cabinets because of the numerous advantages which can be associated with it. The ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are quite popular in the market and are ideal for the household. Even though the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are considered to be of inferior quality in comparison to the custom cabinets which are hand built, they are extremely convenient.

The parts of the kitchen cabinets are built in the shop with wood and it is assembled on site. These cabinets make use of hardware which is specially designed and is different from the traditional assembling technique. These cabinets look quite similar to the traditional cabinets but are very convenient in nature.

The modern RTA Kitchen Cabinets are prepared out of solid wood and are not laminated. These cabinets are also not that structurally well-built but they have become a popular choice because of the numerous advantages. Read more to come across the numerous advantages of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets.

Ease of Transport

After the panels are shaped, they are labeled with the assembly instructions. RTA Kitchen Cabinets are assembled on site and hence it saves the space which is required to store the assembled cabinets. The panels can be stored horizontally or vertically, upright or flat as per the requirement and they do not take up a lot of space as well. A large number of panels can be loaded in one truck. The expenditure of the cabinet maker is reduced which passes onto the buyer.

Easy to Assemble

The RTA kitchen cabinets are easy to assemble and you can do it by yourself. You do not need the help of a handyman as the procedure is very easy. Since these panels and parts are made up of wood, then they can be assembled with the help of glue. A simple screwdriver or wrench can be used to lock the pieces together. You can also conduct repairs if needed and the procedure is quite easy.

Eco-friendly in Nature

The RTA cabinets are eco-friendly and it offers a modular as well as custom design. The cabinets are not so expensive and are of good quality. If wood of higher efficiency is used then the amount of trash in the landfill is less and lesser number of trees needs to be harvested to build the cabinet.


Considering the current state of the economy, the house owners are looking forward to renovating their house and not upgrade to a new house. These improvements play a major role in raising the value of the house and creating a comfortable space. The countertops and cabinets are considered to be the most important part of the kitchen and hence you need to spend your money wisely. The cabinet is cheap because it comes in an unassembled condition and it is very easy to assemble the cabinets.

The RTA kitchen cabinets arrive in sleek packages and can be carried from one place to another easily. You can be sure about the quality of the cabinets.